Reasonable Accommodation Assistance
If you need assistance during the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting Career Center Support or your State Farm contact.

Become an Agent

Selection Process Summary

What's the process? Here are the steps to becoming an Approved Candidate for a State Farm agency. The process takes about six to eight weeks. Once selected for a specific opportunity, the licensing and training process takes about six to nine months.

To begin the selection process, you complete a questionnaire called the Sales & Leadership Career Profile (SLCP). If you receive an acceptable rating, you move forward. If you don't receive an acceptable rating, you may complete the SLCP again in one year. The assessment considers the following about you:

  • Background
  • Current situation
  • Financial situation
  • Recruiting experience
  • Work preferences, goals, and motivations
  • Familiarity with the career
  • Energy
  • Business leadership aptitude

After you receive an acceptable rating on the SLCP, you receive more details about becoming an agent and hear from successful State Farm agents in their videos. You find out more about the Company, agent business support, and compensation.

This step includes standard reviews of your credit report, work history, and motor vehicle record. These reports help determine your eligibility for meeting state/provincial and federal licensing and sponsorship requirements. If approved, you're invited to continue.

Career Understanding is a Web-based experience where you'll find learning modules and videos, as well as e-mail and chat tools for connecting with State Farm recruiting contacts and other agency candidates. Career Understanding will help you learn more about what it's really like to be a State Farm agent.

A competency-based panel interview with State Farm executives and agency field leadership helps us learn about your strengths and skills. You present your business proposal. If approved, you join the Approved Candidate pool for current or future agent career opportunities.

As part of the Approved Candidate pool, you have access to agent postings across the U.S. and Canada. Once you've posted for an opportunity, you may be invited to a site interview held by local management to select candidates for intern training. If selected, a job offer is made contingent upon a clear background check and drug screen (U.S. only).

Once selected for internship, you become a paid, full-time employee of State Farm. Intern training lasts about six to nine months. It includes self-study, classroom training, licensing, field visits, and time with a State Farm agent to gain hands-on experience in the role. State Farm offers assistance in training your team and pays licensing expenses. We may also pay team wages, up to 90 days, during the last stage of your internship.

After successfully completing your internship, you are appointed a 12-Month Term Independent Contractor Agent (TICA), receive a signing bonus (amount may vary by market), and open your agency. After successful completion of your TICA agreement, you sign the State Farm agent's agreement.