State Farm Internships

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Strike a perfect balance between work and play.

Seminars and Workshops

Gain confidence and prepare for the future.

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Our career-related workshops and seminars will help you enter the workforce as a seasoned professional.

Business Acumen Session and Career Workshops
State Farm hosts Business Acumen Sessions and a Career Workshops designed to provide you information on career planning and offer insight to various corporate departments. These opportunities will assist you in understanding how the company works together to be a leader in the insurance and financial services industry and how you can prepare for your future.

Mentor Program and Networking
Every State Farm intern is assigned a mentor within their department to provide an opportunity to have a direct contact for questions and guidance throughout the summer.

Managers and mentors are available to assist you in gaining exposure to other departments or areas through job shadowing opportunities.

Interns are invited to a Networking Event that offers a chance to meet other full-time employees ranging from analyst to management professionals.

The internship benefits listed above are consistently offered in the Corporate Internship Program but may vary within each Operation Center. Internship perks specific to each Operation Center will be listed in each job description.

I got a chance to job shadow the Assistant Vice President of State Farm.
MBA & Mechanical Engineering

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