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Database Systems Administrator

As a Database Administrator, you’re responsible for the control, integrity, and accessibility of the database file structures for use with multiple, concurrent users. You approve database design specifications, provide physical data modeling, design services, database tuning, and implement business resumption plans.

As a State Farm Database Administrator, you:

  • Move conceptual data model to the logical/physical data model in the database tool
  • Create, alter, or maintain application database structures
  • Design physical databases
  • Perform database-specific application tuning
  • Establish application backup and recovery rules and procedures
  • Help facilitate database and application design reviews
  • Implement physical data standards
  • Provide database tutoring
  • Diagnose and resolve problems
  • Consult on application design
  • Perform research on database features, technologies, and tools
  • Make decisions that directly impact both individual projects and the overall Enterprise production environment