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Interface Design Specialist

As an Interface Design Specialist, you collaborate with project teams to lead the user interface design team through a user-centered design process.

You direct end-user analysis, task analysis, iterative design techniques, and usability evaluations to meet business needs, reduce time to market, and increase user productivity.

As a State Farm Interface Design Specialist, you:

  • Assist project teams with planning for user interface design tasks and activities within the product development process
  • Research, understand, and document user needs and requirements
  • Lead and perform task analysis to document and understand users’ work, conceptual model, and future task scenarios
  • Lead the setting of user performance goals and usability objectives
  • Design the entire user experience of the product
  • Collaborate with the user interface design team to produce rapid prototypes of the user interface and supporting specifications documentation
  • Conduct the iterative design process and its representation in the mockup and other prototypes
  • Ensure Company interface design principles and standards are applied
  • Lead and conduct usability evaluations, including planning, preparing, executing, and implementing findings
  • Collaborate with the human factors research team
  • Coordinate activities across roles to develop the overall user interface