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Organizational Devlopment Analyst

As an Organizational Development Analyst (ODA), you focus on the needs of those affected by changes in our evolving IT/Systems environment. You help determine the best methods for meeting the needs of those impacted.

As a State Farm Organizational Development Analyst, you:

  • Develop the organizational change strategy. You conduct analysis to define the current state, future state, and gaps. You make recommendations on the need for training, communication, help development, and organizational change interventions.
  • Develop the organizational change plan. The plan defines how the change strategy will be carried out. It takes into consideration the intensity of resistance and how to address it. The plan includes a detailed description of how each intervention will be further defined and implemented.
  • Reinforce organizational change. You identify and manage the potential risk of impacted people reverting to pre-change behavior that may jeopardize the success of an effort or negatively impact its benefits.
  • Validate organizational change strategy. You ensure achievement of the goals set forth in the organizational change strategy and validate they were the right goals. You also help validate the overall strategy and determine if the desired state has been achieved. If gaps are identified, you develop, execute, and validate a remediation plan.