State Farm IT: A Dynamic Future – Yours

I think IT at State Farm is a tremendously exciting place to be.

Really, IT at State Farm is in a huge evolutionary shift. We’re going from a lot of our systems that we’ve had around for several decades to really re-architecting State Farm’s next generation systems.

We’re looking at use of new technologies in the wireless space. We’re looking at new application development and extreme programming kinds of things.

We deal with a lot of the other Fortune 500 companies, and that allows us to stay really up-to-date with the industry and see where the other companies our size are going.

We’re in constant communication with all the big players. On a daily basis, I’m talking to people in Seattle. I’m talking to people on the east coast, California, and also we’re traveling to those places to be hands-on with them at all times, and they’re here also to learn from us.

I think when people think of State Farm they think insurance and that’s it, and no one really understands everything that goes on behind the scenes.

All the way from research to supporting our current applications, there’s a wide breadth of opportunities.

I couldn’t imagine any more bigger, complicated work going on. In addition, we’ve got people that are just outstanding – wonderful to work with. I just think it’s a time with a lot of opportunities for people to come into State Farm.

When I started here a long time ago, it was interesting because I started with a group of people right out of college, kind of in my same situation. And many of us found ourselves saying, “Oh, you know, we’re going to be here for a few years, gain some experience, and we might move on at some point.” Many of us are still here, and I do believe it’s because we have found the challenging environment.

I think it’s a great, great place to be.