State Farm IT: Technology, Scale, and Opportunity

The size of our network, the amount of new technology that we have going on, people have no idea the magnitude of the operation that we have here.

State Farm depends and relies on the IT products and services, and since we serve a large percentage of the U.S. population, we have more store fronts than McDonalds. Consequently, we have a lot of software that we need to develop and deliver to our associates.

In the insurance industry, there’s a lot of information that’s being exchanged between policyholders and our agency force; between Agency and our Operations areas.

We service one in five U.S. households, and consequently we have a huge network.

We have one of the largest, private networks in the world.

We have a large variety of new technologies that we’re working on. There’s a lot of work going on right now on Web Sphere and Java. We’ve also got a lot of work going on in service-oriented architectures, and really Enterprise architecture in general.

We’re talking three-tier architectures. So you’re talking getting WebSphere developers, some of these “OO” developers, the mid-tier, the networking part, the security part, and then the host stuff. So our environment’s getting more and more complex all the time.

We have a hundred skill sets within 15 primary roles, so the breadth of opportunity is there both technical and more non-technical, or business-focused.

We’re really looking for the best and the brightest in IT. We have a tremendous spectrum of opportunities here. It’s a very exciting place to be, and we’re doing a lot of cutting edge technology work.