Carmel: Available to Customers

I'm seeing a lot of internet leads coming through the office, people wanting to do business maybe online a little bit more. With the college shoppers or the college community, the university there, they're shopping online quite a bit.

I think initially people are looking online for you know maybe who has the best internet presence or who stands out to them online and then once we establish a relationship where the customer finds that they make a connection with someone online.

I find it fairly easy to get them in, I mean, if their schedule allows, which we try to have a very flexible office hours because they might need to come in late in the evenings or on a Saturday and offering those flexible hours is a nice way to bring them in if they are not your typical you know 9 to 5 shopper.

But State Farm has made it very easy for me to work on the go and meet clients.

I just grab my laptop, grab my signature pad, if I need to grab signatures, and it's just my little mobile office. I make sure I've got everything that I need to get whatever it is that they're wanting to talk about that day.

Just having some discovery conversations with them along the way and giving them time to discover what it is that they're needing to discover about their future.

When I start asking certain questions you see this change of oh, I never thought about that or I'd never had an insurance agent ask me about what my plans are for my future, how does that connect with insurance? And so explaining that you know with State Farm we want to be able to protect all of your liabilities.

So I think breaking down that preconceived notion that I'm just going to go in and get an auto policy to oh, this office cares about me or this agent cares about where I'm going in the future and is going to help me get there.

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