Carmel: A Business That Looks Like Me

One thing that really appealed to me when I was looking at the agency opportunity and talking to other agents was how flexible and how each office looks a little bit different, depending on what the agent wants it to be.

We make a commitment to State Farm to do the right thing by the customer, and so for me it's doing the right thing for the customer, doing the best with the resources that we have available for that customer.

We work at that at a lot, to wherever it is that we are, to remember that we're a team that what the bigger picture is for the office, for the agency.

To really connect individually with them and not be a cookie cutter type office, but really you know get to know them on their level.

A good team they will make or break you…It's important for the team of the agent to really know what the mission of the agency is… I want my team to all understand where we're going and to you know buy in to that deeper goal or that deeper mission…the team is everything to how well the agency does.

The good thing I mean about technology and the flexibility of being able to have my calendar on my phone…I can still you know talk to a client, schedule an appointment or pull up my laptop and take care of a change that they need to take care of.

I also might be able to go out in the afternoon and catch a late lunch with Kurt.

He's a great cook and one of the things he likes to do is cook for us on a Friday night or a Saturday evening. We might have friends over, it might just be the two of us, but he'll watch a cooking show and get an inspiration and make a really great dish.

We like to eat. So the flexibility of coming in early, staying late, coming in on a weekend, it's nice … because I'm scheduling appointments you know in a flexible way.

State Farm has made it very easy for me to work on the go.

This story is just one of many unique, personal perspectives on being a State Farm® agent.