Carmel: Focus on Others Leads to Success

My dad he had a lot of funny sayings, but one thing was definitely the overriding theme is if you're really trying to seek happiness you need to give of yourself to others or even give out of your need. So if you're feeling a little bit down and out it's because you're not giving enough to brighten someone else's day.

I was a young married woman, was struggling to make…was really struggling to make connections and friends.

At that point, I was just wanting to be a part of something bigger.

And I called my dad and just was really in a pity party, you know, saying oh, I'm really struggling, and he said you know it sounds like you're focusing on yourself a little bit too much, so here's an assignment before two o'clock today go and take some flowers to someone that's really down and out, that really doesn't have friends, a nursing home, a hospital and call me back by two.

So in doing what my dad said I met a wonderful lady who had a lot of connections to State Farm and in working with her I was able to get a job at State Farm, went to college while I was working at State Farm, got a degree, and now was able to put in for my own office, my own agency, my own business.

And my dad and I when we talk about it, he just says look at all the doors that opened for you when you stopped focusing on yourself, and when you focused on others, look at all the opportunities that blossomed from that.

I'll be talking to teenagers about safety while driving, about how their grades currently can affect their insurance rates for the next few years, just about safety overall.

And so part of that and the reason I like to do that is I do want to connect with the community and I want to be seen as a resource and just giving back in some way, in a small way.

It would have made a big difference to me if someone had come to my school and told me hey, your driving record, you know, it affects you for three years down the road, so you want to be careful when you're driving and be cautious.

When I'm asking my dad, do you think I'm doing the right thing, I mean, insurance, you know, that whole thing. And so he just encourages me that, you know, Carmel there are tornadoes that are about to happen any day now, there's storms that are coming, you are helping people protect against that, so if a family is displaced from their home and you are able to protect them what an awesome thing that you have responsibility for. And that's so encouraging.

Yeah, my dad he's very proud of me. He's very excited. He feels like this is part of him, as well.

This story is just one of many unique, personal perspectives on being a State Farm® agent.