Lyndee: As a mother, you learn to balance

Balance is important.

I haven’t missed a basketball game that our sons played from day 1, beginning with the training.

I haven’t missed family vacations because I prioritized. And that’s something as a mother you learn to do too.

Because my husband works in there with me, we have to have a balance check every once in a while that business isn’t a 24-hour-a-day conversation between us.

Not too long ago, we had that thing where at night, the last thing I said to him was something about work. And the first thing he said to me the next morning was about work.

We decided that doesn’t work very well.

Maybe it means late-night walks because that’s the only time that we actually are connected and not distracted by something.

I think if you’re passionate about your job, whether it’s a State Farm agent or any job; I think if you’re passionate about it, you can get lost in it. And you have to remember what’s the most important thing to you.

Family is the most important thing to me.

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