Lyndee: You choose to be a part of their lives

State Farm is all about fitting the right person in the right place.

So, a small town – you’re going to be known by everybody, if you choose to be. And you’re going to make the choice to be part of their lives.

Being a State Farm agent isn’t a 40-hour-a-week job; I have to be visible, and everybody has to believe in me – as a citizen, as a person.

It’s important for me to sit across from the young teenaged drivers.

I want to talk to them and treat them as an adult, because driving a car is an adult decision.

What they need to know is that they do have another adult friend who just happens to be their insurance agent.

So I hand them a business card.

Maybe they’ve found themselves someplace with someone that has done something they shouldn’t be doing, and they can’t drive home.

They can call me on that card. I’ll come get them.

They’re still going to deal with their parents when they get home, but we’ll get them home safely.

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