Lyndee: It taught me I could do anything

We farmed for 18 months right out of college. We ended up in Western Illinois for several years.

You stick a quarter of a million dollars worth of product in the ground every spring and hope that you get $251,000 back in the fall. So it’s a risk-taking adventure every year.

I taught Sunday School. We did High School Youth Group. You know, I did director of Christian education.

I helped them coach a little bit of basketball, always kept the scorebook.

It taught me that I could wake up in the morning and do anything I wanted to do, regardless of the outcome of that day. The most important qualification that I have to bring to State Farm as an agent was that I was a mother first.

The most important business on earth is family. And if they’ve been running their kids’ lives and their husbands’ lives, and balancing their work outside of home, and all those things, then they will be successful.

This story is just one of many unique, personal perspectives on being a State Farm® agent.