Maria: Finally, I can say "I'm home"

My New Year’s resolution for 1988 was, “Learn something new.”

I was a divorced mother, two young sons, and I was very concerned about their future.

I met a lady who was starting her State Farm agency in a few months, and I was really very inquisitive.

And I overheard her, and I said, “Oh, that sounds wonderful. She is so excited, and she’s telling everyone. I wonder how you do that?”

That was my dream; because I wanted to be in a position where I had control over my future. Where the harder I worked, the more successful I became, and that’s what State Farm provided me with.

State Farm is built on the premise of, you know, help people, and just continue to help them, and you will be rewarded.

And that’s how it’s been. It’s a great company. I love State Farm. State Farm gave me the opportunity to really find what I love to do in life.

I had many jobs before I became a State Farm agent and finally, I can say, “I’m home.”

This story is just one of many unique, personal perspectives on being a State Farm® agent.