Nora: You have such a bond with people

I love to talk to people and find out what’s important to them; and then say, “Hey, we can help you with that. If that’s really important to you, then you need to protect that and you need to plan for that, and we’re able to do that.”

We have relationships with people, and we’ve had the opportunity to be there when people really needed us.

After Katrina, you couldn’t find anyone. It was very difficult.

The people that would come in your office and make the payments all the time to you in person, and would stop in and visit, and you were like, “Where are they?”

And especially my elderly clients.

We started surveying damage, we were riding through the neighborhood, coming back and being there for your customers and them seeing State Farm.

You would just immediately go and hug ‘em. And you’d be, you know, “How’s your family? How’s your house? What’s going on?” And you just had such a bond with them.

You are really there for them and, you know, that’s what they wanted more than anything. Their home is their most important thing. And they look to you.

We absolutely delivered above and beyond.

This story is just one of many unique, personal perspectives on being a State Farm® agent.