Rachel: I couldn't do it without them

I always thought that an agent had fabulous rewards. We get to travel. We get paid well.

And we make lots of great types of relationships you build throughout the community.

And having the team, when we unite to hit a certain sales goal, I want to make sure their hard work is rewarded.

So what I started doing is kind of mirroring whatever types of rewards I was getting. And my team got the travel incentive as well.

So last year, we went to Vienna. And two of my team members who hit their sales goals also got to go to Vienna. This year, the trip is Cancun. And they’re going to get to Cancun.

Every year before we start out the new year, I find out what their goals are, what their dreams are. And not only do I want them to be successful here in the office, I want them to be successful outside the home.

Having a team and seeing them grow in front of your eyes, I take that very personally, because hard work pays off. And they should also feel how important they are to me – I couldn’t do it without them.

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