Rob: State Farm's impact is tremendous

Our daughter, Beth Ann, is a senior at a university that’s over in Birmingham, Alabama. She’s a music education student and hopes to attend graduate school and later teach.

And then our youngest daughter, Lydia, also went through the school system here and she’s a sophomore at another wonderful private college in Birmingham.

Our oldest son Drew, who’s married to his beautiful wife, Elizabeth - they are 24, and he’s now in medical school living in Jackson, Mississippi.

Agents and employees each have the opportunity for the children to compete for scholarships. And we’ve been very fortunate that each of the three of our children have received a State Farm Foundation scholarship, which has been a very significant part of funding their education.

State Farm is very, very supportive of education, and maybe specifically post-secondary education.

For example, when we give to my alma mater or when we give to the colleges that have been so generous and helpful to our children, State Farm actually matches those dollar for dollar.

And when that experience is multiplied by literally thousands of State Farm associates, State Farm’s impact on higher education in the United States is tremendous.

This story is just one of many unique, personal perspectives on being a State Farm® agent.