Rod: We Help People Manage Risks of Life

My father was in sales. He was in sales his whole life and he did very well. And after completing my Sociology degree and getting my Masters, I realized that maybe there were different opportunities out there. So my father asked me to go and sell, see if I could do it.

And once I did that I realized man this is really neat, I love just communicating with people, helping people out.

I met a State Farm agent that kind of took me under his wing per say then started telling me a little bit of his career and what he does and it sounded very intriguing.

We are definitely in the industry that when something goes wrong, let's say, storm. Just recently this week we've had some bad storms come through, people come to us when something bad happens so it gives me the opportunity to extend a hand to them. From a perspective of claims, we help them through the claims process, we guide them on the steps that they need to do and we show them, hey State Farm is going to be there with the promise that we would provided.

In addition to that through the financial services of products that we offer, I'm able to also help them establish a future for them when you're talking about financial products, retirement planning, life insurance and what not and yes we have a variety of age groups as clients right now, but considering that I'm going to be around for the next 20-25 years, I'm also going to have an impact on their children as well.

It's an honor to be a State Farm agent. I grew up in a very small town really wasn't sure what direction I was going to go and just being able to be part of the community, be known in the community as a State Farm agent is to me is big shoes to fill and it gives me I think the drive to come in every morning to work so that I can make some kind of impact in the community that I live in and that's pretty intriguing.

This story is just one of many unique, personal perspectives on being a State Farm® agent.