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Why State Farm?
Abbey: I came to State Farm claims because it was the perfect way to reach out to people in need.

Chris: A great way for me to use my educational background.

Esperanza: I've had so many opportunities here that I may have not had somewhere else.

Sheila: Coming back to a company where it's kind of like a family atmosphere, that's the best part.

Tina: You're not just a number. You're a person, a part of a bigger family.

Jeff: Everybody's heard of State Farm. And they know the type of company that you work for.

Jan: I love the reputation of the company. I love being able to say I'm calling from State Farm Claims.

Lindsay: You're not just punching a time card. You're representing a brand.

Customer Focus
Chris: My job is to be the first contact for customers after they've had any type of loss.

Lindsay: They're not sure how the procedure goes or what's going to happen.

Sheila: Usually, you get people that are upset and something has happened, a theft, a fire. I talk to them like I talk to them like I think of them as if it was my mother that it happened to.

Jan: Every phone call, you're dealing with someone that truly needs your help.

Fast Paced
Chris: Focus on that one customer, give that one customer 100 percent and then move to the next one.

Esperanza: Taking calls, making calls, being really busy, working multiple claims at a time.

Tina: That's just the reality of claims. I mean, the people don't stop. The claims don't stop. So we have to be there.

Jan: Customers count on me to be available with the right information and the right answers at the time that they need it.

Fulfilling the promise
Lindsey: Insurance is a promise. They want to know that you are there.

Chris: State Farm's number one. And they expect number one.

Tina: Claims is a stressful job.

Abbey: The most stressful thing about my job is multi-tasking.

Chris: You've got to wear a lot of hats. People will cry to you. They'll yell at you.

Abbey: We do get yelled at and we do get cursed at sometimes.

Jeff: I think every job you're going to go through a certain amount of stress.

Lindsay: You just have to have a sense of humor because there are days where it's long.

Tina: The long hours, the nights, the weekends.

Chris: Trying to get to all the customers out there that need help when the phones are crazy.

Esperanza: Breathe in, breathe out. Take it one step at a time and keep going.

Jeff: When you can go to teammates and have them help you out, it just ... it takes a lot of stress off of you.

Sheila: The people that you work with make a huge difference in whatever workplace you're in.

Lindsay: We have a really good environment. With our teammates and our supervisors.

Chris: I feel like I know my coworkers sometimes better than my family.

Abbey: It's nice to have people that you can go to if there is something you need to vent about.

Jeff: It makes coming to work a lot more enjoyable.

Tina: Claims is a position that you cannot do by yourself.

Lindsey: There's always that quiet understanding between everyone on claims that we're all in it together.

Esperanza: My job helps our customers everyday; especially dealing with a lot of bilingual customers.

Jan: It's a lot of listening. It's emotional. But it's so satisfying.

Jeff: When you hear somebody say that you helped them through a tough time in their life, I mean, you can't help but feel good about that.

Abbey: I've had customers cry with gratitude because I've helped them in a situation where they didn't know what to do.

Chris: You're the person getting the check out to them and helping them that way.

Esperanza: Five years from now I would like to see myself in a management or supervisor position.

Jeff: You need to keep on improving yourself. You need to pick a direction you want to go and start working towards it.

Abbey: If I were to want to venture out and go to a different area at State Farm, that is an opportunity for me.

Esperanza: Being able to help other employees like me that may be bilingual or may be interested in the Hispanic market.

Jan: I think it is the best job in the company to fulfill that commitment when people need it.

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