Four perspectives, Two jobs, One motivation,
Being There Through Tough Times.

Nelly/In-Office: Catastrophe is a very fast-paced environment.

Jasmine/Field: There's not a day that's ever the same. I don't know what I am ever going to walk into.

Scott/Field: You walk into pure chaos. You walk into into someone who has lost everything they own and they don't know what to do.

Souvannalay/In-Office: The most difficult thing is you never know what you're going to expect when you get a phone call from a policyholder.

Jasmine/Field: So, we really have kind of a lot resting on shoulders.

The Adjustment
Nelly/In-Office: Working 60 hours a week is not easy.

Jasmine/Field: You've got to have your life set up. It's not only a commitment to the job, but it's a commitment to the catastrophe lifestyle.

Souvannalay/In-Office: I just had a baby four months ago. Fortunately I have my mom here to help me out with my daughter. So, definitely some adjustment at home to adapt to work life.

Scott/Field: Driving is a large part of my job. My tools are within this vehicle.

Souvannalay/In-Office: Workforce management actually sets up a schedule for us claim representative here in the office. It's a snapshot of our day.

The Day-to-Day
Jasmine/Field: A lot of our customers, we are the very first people that they've seen from State Farm outside of their agent.

Scott/Field: Typical inspection depending on the storm takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to 2 hours. It just depends on the amount of damage. But you're looking at everything.

Jasmine/Field: There is a lot of administrative work that goes on behind the scenes after you've completed that inspection.

Nelly/In-Office: We have to rely on them because they are the ones going out there and doing the inspection talking to the insured.

The Reward
Jasmine/Field: The real, I guess benefit to me is that I'm able to do something that I love, help people every day.

Nelly/In-Office: I like a lot of things about this job. Probably the most important one is having that interaction and specifically for me, Spanish-speaking policyholders.

Souvannalay/In-Office: What I like most is knowing that I can help my policyholder recover from the unexpected.

Scott/Field: I pulled into a situation where people had lost everything they had and I was an integral part of that, getting them built back to where they were before the storm.

Helping people recover from the unexpected … that's what we're about.

State Farm Claims: Catastrophe Services