Theresa: I'm not just a salesperson

I think the most important thing about building a relationship with a customer is to really care.

I would tell people that I meet that I help protect lives, I help protect assets. The things that are most valuable to them.

It’s a lot more than just selling a product. It’s holding their hands when they are in need.

I don’t necessarily think I was going to be a salesperson. In fact, in my personality I would never imagine in a million years that I would become a sales person.

But that is the nice part about being in this business because of the relationship I built with my customers, and I don’t believe I left them with any feeling of me as a sales person, but rather somebody who really helped protect their lives.

Being a Vietnamese agent, I have a lot of opportunity to help the people in the community to be educated about insurance and financial services.

They know I will always make sure not only that they get the best product, but they understand what they are getting.

I believe my customers would say that I am somebody who is very caring, that I’m not just a sales person who is there to sell them a product. But who is there to help them protect their lives and give them flexibility.

This story is just one of many unique, personal perspectives on being a State Farm® agent.