Benefits: Total Rewards

Seanan: When I was hired at State Farm, I had a few things that were very important to me.  Of course, salary was near the top of the list.  And of the three job offers that I received, State Farm was the most competitive.

Teresa: We continually evaluate our benefits programs, our compensation program and ensure that it is competitive within the marketplace and the industry.

Seanan: The benefits are really very competitive with any company, with the health benefits, many options there, retirement, savings plans.

Marsha: Life insurance benefits, the flexible compensation, have been excellent for me in making sure that my kids and my family are taken care of.

Seanan: When I started at State Farm, really the biggest thing, even more important than salary was the stability of the company.

Jerome: And we have a brand name that carries a lot of pride and weight, and with that, I think you know we’re going to be someone that’s going to be there.  This company’s going to be around.